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Interwin Malaysia Lotto 4D online betting – Sports Toto 4D, STC 4D, Da Ma Cai, Singapore 4D & More

If you talk 4D betting,  you must be talking about Sports Toto 4D, Magnum, Damacai, STC 4D (Sandakan Turf Club), Sabah 88 Lotto, Special Sweep and even Singapore 4D Pools. The good news is, at Interwin Malaysia, you can place your bets in all these license provider all at one place!

Famous websites like 4D King, Check4d are known to locals to check the latest 4D results. We make it better. We allow you to check live results and bet at one place!

4D is a very popular game among locals in Malaysia and Singapore. Every locals wants a piece of the jackpot winning to turn their life around. Frequent bettors usually picks number out of certain superstitions such as buying number that they dreamt of while sleeping, numbers of cars that met accidents and some even would come up with their own strategy to out-game the 4D Lottery.

1st prize for the winning number for every RM1 bet returns a whooping RM3,500! (Small Forecast). With a huge return, it is hard to find a local Malaysian or Singaporean who have not tried it.

It is very easy to place your bet in our 4D game with our easy to use and friendly interface. Just key in your winning number, the amount you want bet on Big/Small and the date to contest your number. The 4D game draw day falls on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. So there are 3 days of chance you can win big money.

Our lottery 4D game comes with weekly cash rebate promotion up to 15% with terms and conditions apply.

What is 4D & How to Play 4D Lottery in Interwin?

4D it just like it says. Pick 4 numbers from 0000 to 9999. If the number shows up when you check the 4D results, you win prizes based on the position of the number that you bet on.

In Malaysia, there are few famous 4D license provider Magnum is the first operator to be licensed in Malaysia and has grown their reputation till this day and have plenty of loyal followers.

Da Ma Cai is also another popular and trusted operator which are owned by Pan Malaysian Pools. Like Magnum, they also have their own 4D game which are known as 1+3D and other variations as well.

Another famous operator in West Malaysia are Sports Toto. Aside from 4D, they also have Toto 5D, 6D, Supreme Toto, which means you can bet on 5 or 6 numbers. There are well known for its games such as TOTO 6/58, 6/55 and 6/52.

Apart from West Malaysia operators, East Malaysia also have their own licensed operators like STC 4D (Sandakan Turf Club), Special Big Sweep, and Sabah 88 Lotto.

While in Singapore, there are only one licensed operator which is Singapore 4D Pools that only have the standard 4D game.

Please play responsibly and caution and only with money that you can spare. And of course, please play from licensed operators where the winnings are guaranteed, and not from illegal bookies. Read the rules and regulations before playing if you do not understand the rules yet.

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